4 Ways to Protect Your Toddler's Health in Daycare

Enrolling your child in daycare provides an exciting opportunity for learning and social interaction. However, kids frequently share common illnesses like colds or head lice in a child care setting. Here are 5 ways to guard your child's health when surrounded by other young children.

1. Teach good hygiene.
Preschoolers should learn at an early age the basic skills of good hygiene. Washing hands and face after playing with other kids or their toys can help to guard against contagious germs. Using tissue to blow their noises may reduce the ways in which mucous spreads among kids, and it may set a good example for other kids. Children should be taught to avoid tough their eyes, nose, or mouth while at school to avoid transmitting germs to those areas where viruses and infections quickly multiply.

2. Get regular medical checkups.
Children should be seen by a pediatric doctor or family physician every six months to a year for routine exams and vaccinations, or sooner if symptoms appear. The doctor can suggest signs to look for if your child is getting sick or exposed to a contagious illness. Catching it sooner than later allows for more effective treatment and reduced sick time. Make sure a sick child completes all medication per the doctor's orders and does not return to school before the doctor-designated date.

3. Consult daycare staff.
If you observe sick children in your child's learning center, ask the teacher what the illness is and whether it is contagious. Hopefully the child care Ottawa staff will isolate a seriously contagious child or protect the healthy kids from much contact with the sick one. Daycare staff typically update families about illnesses or health problems that are making the rounds at the learning center. Parents can then contact their doctor for advice on how to protect the children.

4. Keep sick kids home.
If your child has a fever or is significantly congested, or if he or she simply does not feel well enough to get up and play, it is probably best to keep him at home or with a family care provider. Going to school will subject the child to even more germs, possibly worsening the illness, and it will expose other kids, too. The parents of other children are more likely to keep their sick little ones at home if they notice other parents doing the same.

Taking a proactive approach to protecting your child while in daycare can help to head off a number of medical conditions. When a child does become ill, it is best to contact the family doctor to find out what should be done to hasten recovery. Concerned parents contribute to their kids' good health.