The Importance of Home Health Care

In recent news, Hurricane Matthew devasted the country of Haiti and added residual damage to parts of the Caribbean islands of Jamaica and the Bahamas. As it made it's way to the United States, many Floridians quickly evacuated due to the potential devastation. A grandson living in Nebraska was unable to check on his grandmother in Florida and was getting worried. However, instead of becoming completely consumed by fear, he decided to get creative. He ordered a pizza and used the pizza deliverer as an agent to check on his grandmother to make sure she was okay.

Starting the Conversation
Thankfully, she was okay and this is a happy ending to this story. However, it raises the conversation of how important Home Health Care Toronto is as people begin to age or as they experience physical limitations. Home health care is very helpful for a number of reasons.

Why Home Health Care is Necessary
There are so many people who struggle with physical limitations as a result of an illness, surgery or disability. A woman in her twenties may not be thinking about needing home health care anytime soon. However, if she's diagnosed with breast cancer and needs to have a double mastectomy, a home health care aid would be essential. During this type of major surgery, breast surgeons and plastic surgeons normally discourage the use of arms. The arms are needed for virtually everything. Having an extra pair of hands available is helpful for cooking, cleaning, bathing and more.

Like the Floridian grandmother, there are a lot of people who are elderly and struggle to handle everything themselves. Sure, it's nice to have a little independence. Along with that independence, there needs to be someone who checks in regularly to make sure all is well. The chances of falling and breaking a major bone are higher as people age. If someone isn't there to help out, what started as an unfortunate fall could lead to a senseless fatality.

Compensation within the Industry
Because this industry is so important, it's equally important to make sure those in this field are compensated well. This is a very important job and involves a lot of sacrifice. Many families don't have the luxury of sending a family member to take care of the other full-time. While it may be nice, it just isn't always feasible. In this regard, when home health aids are covered under the insurance, this guarantees quality care and quality compensation.

The Underlying Value
Canada isn't the warmest place to live year-round. The challenges that snow provides are enough for people with physical limitations to get stuck. If someone is on hand in the home, there are no worries regarding getting to a specific appointment to get help or treatment. The job of a home health aid not only puts the patient at ease, it does the same for the family. It's important and it needs to be valued as such.